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Neon Valley Studios is a name that has emerged to capture the excitement and glitz of modern Las Vegas. It’s almost like being in Vegas, except you’re at home on your computer, thanks to an independent software provider that offers a wide variety of exciting and novel online casino games. This company’s founders set out to satisfy consumers’ need for entertaining media with their Neon Valley productions, and they have done so thus far. Come hang out with us as we explore this amazing web-based software creator.

Story In the Shadow of Neon Valley Studios

Neon Valley Studios has always put creativity and design prowess at the forefront of its work. This has been the mission of the company since its inception in 2019. Because it is headquartered in Las Vegas, it is able to convey all the glitz, glamour, and allure of the city to players’ screens. Yes, the company’s headquarters can be situated in the city that pioneered the casino industry. And that undoubtedly helps it when it comes to making games.



Neon Valley Studios has only been operational for a few years, so naturally it doesn’t have a vast library of top-tier casino games ready to play.


Despite this, it continues to be highly successful in its field. The partnership with the great Microgaming brand in September of 2019 was a major factor in the company’s rise to prominence. Since all of its games are distributed only through Microgaming, players can enjoy them at a wide variety of reputable gambling sites. It then moved forward with the release of its debut title, Aurora Wilds, on September 10, 2019. Since then, Neon Valley has developed and released six other games, each of which has met with varying degrees of commercial success.

Neon Valley Studios: Here and in the Future


The Arctic Enchantress slot machine was the most current video game launched by this company in November of 2021. Because of its high volatility and 243 win ways, it quickly became a popular addition to many Microgaming casinos. Given its relationship with Microgaming, I expect business to continue as usual. Neon Valley provides the latter with game development and distribution services for the games it publishes.


As a result, both businesses benefit from increased exposure to the gaming community.


revolutionary designer

Video games developed in a variety of languages and with support for several currencies

Amazing compatibility with Microgaming

A limited selection of games are available at this time.

Casinos Designed by Neon Valley Studios Overview

Due to its partnership with Microgaming, Neon Valley Studios’ games can be available at a wide variety of reputable online casinos. In this regard, you may readily locate them on the internet for gaming purposes. Although the number of Neon Valley Studios titles is rather small at the moment, they are a welcome addition to both the Microgaming library and the casinos that feature it.


The reason for this is that they provide something special to the players. It’s worth noting that Neon Valley is an indie studio, although the aforementioned criticism could be leveled at the works of any producer. Because of this, the company doesn’t flood the market with new games every month. Instead, it puts extra effort into perfecting each component before having the game verified and made available to casinos on the Microgaming software platform.


However, not all software developers can make that claim, since many smaller ones have been acquired by larger conglomerates. However, Neon Valley Studios takes a far more individualistic approach, which results in more engaging games. Because of this, patrons are drawn to the online casinos that stock games by this developer. This is yet another argument in favor of the increasing popularity of the brand’s games in gambling establishments.


Deposit Bonuses at Neon Valley Studios’ Casinos

Many online casinos provide bonuses and free spins to entice customers to try out their sites. These typically consist of a welcome bonus, given upon account creation and the initial deposit, and ongoing benefits, given with subsequent visits to the casino. It is our obligation to constantly search for the best bonuses available at casinos powered by Neon Valley Studios, and that is exactly what we do. You can come back to this page whenever you like and quickly find the best bonuses right here.


These will include things like cashback, free spins, and additional prizes. The procedure for obtaining a warm greeting is as follows:


Create an account at the online casino of your choice that is powered by Neon Valley Studios.

Enter a deposit amount, select a payment option, and proceed to the cashier.

If you have a promotional code, input it here.

Make your initial deposit and you’ll immediately receive the bonus.

Our Opinions on the Casinos Produced by Neon Valley Studios


When a newer online software provider emerges, especially one that collaborates with a well-established name like Microgaming, it piques interest. We’ve signed up for a number of different sites because the lobby of a casino featuring Neon Valley games is always enticing. Some of these casinos are brand new entrants to the iGaming market, while others are well-established names. Each time, we had a great time with Neon Valley’s games. These gambling establishments give enticing welcome bonuses to new customers, which further increases their appeal.


Overview of Slot Machines Created by Neon Valley Studios

As it stands, this developer only has a limited selection of games available. There will no likely be more games released by Neon Valley Studios, but as of right now, only seven are available. All of the company’s games are not only fun to play, but also come with enticing bonus content.


And before we get to them, it’s worth noting that each and every one of Neon Valley’s games is a slot machine. As a result, it hasn’t made any attempts to develop casino-style games like blackjack or roulette for the web.


The bulk of the Neon Valley slots in the portfolio have a moderate amount of volatility. As a result, they will appeal to a wide variety of bank accounts. Possibly not the best location for beginners to jump in, but something to quickly work up to. Additionally, the games typically have above-average RTP rates. However, the RTPs for two games, Queen of Alexandria WowPot and Atlantean Treasures Megaways, are close to 92%.


In general, the slot machines have a wide variety of fun games.


Slots by Neon Valley Studios have these features.

Neon Valley is able to take advantage of the Megaways mechanism thanks to Microgaming’s ownership of a license from the Big Time Gaming brand. The company has already implemented this into one of their slot machines. Free spins, scatters, wilds, and stacked symbols are just some of the other elements that have been added in Neon Valley’s releases. Some games have added intriguing new themes, and others have added bonus rounds that players can activate.


In addition, the Queen of Alexandria WowPot slot machine has jackpots that players can strive to win.

Review of Slots by Neon Valley Studios


After seeing all of the games this developer has put out, we can’t wait to see what else they create in the future. This is because it can implement high-quality images and animations into compelling narratives. The games’ all-inclusive special modifiers are icing on the cake for potential players. Neon Valley Studios slots are a great addition to any online casino, and Microgaming deserves credit for their work in this area as well.


Keep an eye on Neon Valley!


Neon Valley Studios’ Reliability

We would be negligent if we didn’t mention Microgaming once more in relation to reliability. Since this company has been around since the 1990s and helped develop eCOGRA, it stands to reason that it would not join forces with a questionable label. Given that it has signed a contract with Neon Valley Studios, this shows a great level of confidence in the company. We also feel obligated to let you know that before any of the brand’s games make it to a Microgaming-powered online casino, they are thoroughly inspected by an outside auditor.


Neon Valley Studios is a licensed business, and as such, it strictly conforms to all applicable rules and laws. As a result, it’s safe to say that this is the most reliable program available. You can trust that every spin of the slot machine you play on the company’s games will be fully random.


The Neon Valley Studios License

Neon Valley Studios now has access to Microgaming’s licenses because of the two companies’ merger. The company has principal licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, allowing it to distribute its games across numerous countries. Neon Valley Studios is headquartered in the Sin City.

Should You Play at Neon Valley Studios’ Casinos and Slot Machines?


We have little reservations about endorsing this developer’s games. That’s because it’s supported by the well-known Microgaming name. That organization has been operating for a while and is directly responsible for a plethora of different video slot games available on the web. As a result, its software has been used by a wide variety of casinos, to the benefit of Neon Valley as well.


With this in mind, we strongly suggest signing up for a Neon Valley or Microgaming powered online casino and trying out their selection of games.

Infrequently Asked Questions about Neon Valley Studios


Can I play these slots without making a deposit at Neon Valley Studios?


It’s true that the developer’s games can be tried out for free.


Where can I locate the most generous free spins offers from Neon Valley Studios?


You may come back to this website whenever you like, and you will always see the finest casino bonuses listed first.


Where can I find Neon Valley Studios slot machine tips and tricks?


There are no methods of cheating the newest slot games developed by Neon Valley Studios. To get the most out of the games, you should use a prudent gambling strategy while putting your bets on them.

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